What We Offer


Onsite Staff

We have professional, courteous staff available 6 days a week onsite to not only rent units but to assist with any problems that may arise!

Around-the-Clock Access

Customers can access their units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their valid access code as discussed below.


Liddell Stor All maintains security cameras that monitor every entrance, exit, and aisle of our facility 24-hours a day. If an incident were to occur, we would be able to review the recordings as needed.

Security Gates

For your convenience, we have 2 gated access points to our facility. Only customers with current, valid gate codes can enter and exit the facility through these access points. Additionally, the perimeter of the property is protected by a 6-foot tall security fence.

Climate-controlled units also require access code for entry.

Coming Soon! – Customers will soon be able to download an app to their Smart Phone or device as an alternative to their gate access code to allow them access to the facility.

Tenant Property Protection

Tenant property protection, while not required, is available at affordable rates to suit the customer’s needs.

Ease of Access

A rarity for storage facilities, Liddell Stor All’s drives are extra wide for ease of maneuvering and access to all units at the facility. At 35 feet wide, our drives are accessible to moving vehicles of all sizes.

Door Locks

Bezel Locks, designed exclusively for storage units, are provided for all customers as an additional security measure to combat theft.


Climate Controlled Units

5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20 sized units.

Buildings are conveniently designed with all units having nearby outside door access. No long hallways or buildings to navigate to locate your unit!

Non-Climate Controlled Units

5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, 10x30, 15x30 sized units.

Coming Soon: New buildings currently underway with additional unit size of 7.5x10!

Coming Soon!

Paragould’s only secure parking area for customers who need safe locations to store their campers, RVs, trailers, vehicles, etc. The lot will be well-lit and gated with 24/7 camera surveillance.

We serve the larger Greene, Craighead, and Clay county areas, including the communities of Paragould, Brookland, Jonesboro, Oak Grove, Marmaduke, Stanford, Rector, Corning, etc.

When to Store?

Liddell Stor All is here for storage needs throughout the year whether large or small.

Construction or Remodeling – To help organize belongings and furniture while offsetting the stress of building or remodeling

Downsizing – Climate-controlled units to trust furniture and other items when you may not currently have the space

Seasonal Storage – Room for holiday decorations, equipment, tools, or other items you may not need year-round after you’ve finished spring cleaning or decluttering your home or garage

University Storage – Storing your student’s belongings while home from college for the summer

Anytime Storage – Anytime you might need extra closet storage to provide yourself just a little more space around the house